Our Business - SmallWilliam Edward Allen CPA was established because Ed Allen found that entrepreneurs are looking for a level of service from their CPAs and other accounting professionals that is well beyond the typical service of processing and presenting historical accounting information.  That is why in addition to traditional accounting and tax services, William Edward Allen, CPA is designed to be your most trusted business advisor relating to all of your financial services needs.

William Edward Allen, CPA’s growth and success is due to the growth and success of the clients we serve.  The way we work to ensure this success is through our unique approach to client service.  Our clients desire traditional accounting, tax and consulting services, of course, but of greater importance is the level of personal interest we take in their continued success.

The historical accounting of last year’s financial data is the easy part of our business.  The more difficult part is taking last year’s financial data, interpreting it and applying the historical experience to the present and future success of any business.  This takes time that most professionals do not have and a level of personal commitment that most firms lose sight of as they grow out of reach with their own clientele.

At William Edward Allen, CPA we have the experience and expertise to resolve the most complicated tax or accounting issues but are committed to giving you and your business the personal attention and responsive service that all clients deserve even though few receive it in the marketplace.

If you are looking for an accounting professional that is dedicated to more than the historical reporting of your financial data, you have come to the right place.

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